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Standard time taken to get rid of fleas with common methods is 1 – 2 weeks with follow up to ensure fleas didn’t come back.
For methods rely on using home remedies at all, the time extended after application, because the home remedies job is to repel fleas 65% and kill them 35% with multiple simultaneous treatments.
For chemical based flea killers may take few hours to few days to get rid of fleas perfectly.
When using vacuum, washing, and cleaning it takes 1 day to get rid of fleas in mattresses and around walls.
When using baking soda on carpets, the time needed to kill fleas is up to 3 days for medium infestations and the heavy.
When using exterminator to help you remove fleas from the house, chemicals used can kill the adult flea at once and diminish eggs in about 10 minutes.
Vinegar, peroxide, pepper spray, and DE can kill fleas on contact in zero time.
It takes 1 – 2 days to get rid of fleas with borax
See the complete guide to kill fleas with borax

On dogs it takes weeks to months with shampoo and flea combs.
On home baseboards and yards, it takes 3 days to 1 week with table salt to see satisfying results.
It takes a month after treatment of cats to kill all fleas on their fur and skin, due to high sensitivity of cats against many fleas killers.
Flea electric traps take up to 3 weeks for heavy flea infestation and 1 night for light infestation.
It takes few hours to get rid of fleas with flea bombs and flea fumigation methods, fumigation is a wide spectrum killer for fleas and many insects at home.

A lot of people dealing with fleas problems and use different ways to kill them, but how long fleas killing method going to take to get fleas out, is all depends on many factors:
Heavy invasion or just a light infestation
You’re live in environment full of humidity?
What method have been used to get rid of fleas bugs

But why people ask for the period of fleas solution? 
Having an estimated time frame might help you gain more patience when removing fleas.
The most effective common flea killer is salt, see how and how long salt take to remove fleas?

Here're a list of natural flea killer for yard for whom found a plague of fleas outside house and after the rain.

Backyards have been ignored by many people, so that the yards become a good environment for insects infestation, fleas is one of them, which are later will invade your house and cause annoyance and harm to your skin and pet's weak bodies.

Depending on the size of your backyard, it may have number of items such as:

Barbecue, barn, chicken coop, garage, gazebo, guest house, outhouse, playhouse, sauna, shed, smokehouse, workshop, etc.
Compost bin
Garden furniture (bench, patio table and chairs, umbrella, etc.
Landscaping with or without a lawn or just dirt
Renewable energy generator (solar panels, windmills, etc
Playground equipment (sandbox, slide, swingset, etc
Storage tank
Swimming pool and/or hot tub

All things have to been cleaned up or they become a flea housing.
but due to vital importance of many of them, natural flea killer is the best choice to avoid transference to inside our gut and pet's alimentary system.

Vet's Best Flea and Tick Yard and Kennel Spray
A Natural Alternative To Traditional Chemical-Based Products
The best seller in cat flea sprayers section.
Vet's Best Flea and Tick Yard and Kennel Spray is a no-chemical solution made with natural extracts and natural ingredients specially formulated to kill and repel pests. Our flea and tick yard spray is safe for use on or around dogs and cats 12 weeks or older, and safe for use around children. And, the non-staining formula that is great for turf, grass, and other outside surfaces (concrete and asphalt).
kills fleas, flea eggs, ticks on contact, while also repelling mosquitoes
Natural key ingredients feature peppermint oil and clove extract control and kill fleas and ticks; absolutely no pyrethrins, permethrins, or cedar oil
Manufacturer said: Our flea and tick yard spray is safe for use on or around dogs and cats 12 weeks or older, and safe for use around children
Non-staining formula that is great for turf, grass, and other outside surfaces (concrete and asphalt)

People reviews about bad sides:
Safety with other animals bedsides dogs and cats isn't clearly mentioned.
Product comes with bad/no protective seal to prevent the sprayer from coming loose.

Ortho Bug B Gon Insect Killer for Lawns and Gardens
Hose-End Sprayer 32 Fl. Oz.(Kills 230+ Insects Including Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks, and Ants. Use in Lawns, Trees, Shrubs, Vegetables, and Fruit Trees)

What manufacturer said:
Spraying this on the yard is quite a bit easier than spreading bug killer that comes in bags of granules or powders.
Tips to get the products work:
24hrs before spraying this on your yard, give your lawn it a fresh mow and water. And if you're trying to get rid of crickets, right after hosing your lawn down with this bug killer, water your lawn again right away.Then don't plan on mowing again for 2-3 days. You can treat your yard again every 4-6 weeks. This 32oz bottle is large enough to cover 5300 sq ft. However if you're trying to treat for tougher bugs like ants, apply more bug killer than usual and this bottle is enough for about 1400 sq ft.

The BUG B GON hose-end sprayer attaches easily and tightly (no leaks) to my garden hose. Then I just turn on the water and the sprayer to apply the insect killer. The only tricky parts are remembering (1) to NOT turn the sprayer on until after the water is turned on; and (2) to turn the sprayer off, turn the water off, and then turn the sprayer on partway (to "Water") to clear the hose before disconnecting the sprayer.

Check the label (or the list at the end of this review) to find out whether this product is effective against the insects you are trying to control. (It kills the spider mites that I'm after.) This product is extremely toxic to fish, aquatic invertebrates, oysters, and shrimp, so it shouldn't be used around pet fish or reptiles. The label has different instructions for the application to lawns, ornamental plants, and edible plants (vegetable gardens, fruit and nut trees). The product may need to be reapplied at intervals of 7-14 days or more; and edible vegetables, fruit, and nuts cannot be harvested for 1, 3, 7, 14, or 21 days after application, depending on the specific edible.

What does people review the product bad properties?
Despite having an 100 foot hose, there were many areas this spray did not reach. I have had hose attached spray bottles of other yard spray that shoot up to 10-12 feet

Diatomaceous Earth to forcefully kill fleas naturally in yards 
They're tiny calcified algae, have a sharp silicon edges, can cut fleas but can cur human lungs' too if inhaled.
To avoid that: wear a mask when applying DE and when removing after few days.
Don't use near the dog's house which is a yard's resident.
avoid DE to become wet before and after application.
DE will easily naturally kill fleas and ticks that live in your lawn. 
The DE dust can be re-applied after each mowing. 

Boric Acid and Borate powder for yard's fleas
Boric acid is a powerful disinfectant and Borax is one of boric based products used for well washing and cleaning, recently, many studies show bad effects of borax, but still a natural product to kill fleas.
To avoid know and unknown borax consequences, use borax to kill fleas in yard, patio, and lawns only, and don;t use borax for fleas inside home.
The tactic is to sprinkle borax around corners and infestation areas and borax spray for areas need precise application as around face of the dog and around your household plants.

Garden Lime to kill fleas in the yard
Get some garden lime. It is a powder that is applied to add lime to your garden for the benefit of your plants. Fleas absolutely hate the stuff; they will leave the area in a few days. Spread it across your lawn with a hand spreader at about 1 pound per 1000 square feet. This will help strengthen your grass and rid the area of fleas at the same time. You can buy it at most hardware stores or garden centers; even WalMart has it. 

Incense sticks is a natural flea killer for small yards 
Yard candles or stick essences can keep the fleas way. 

Water is a natural flea killer for yards
The easiest way to do this is to flood your yard with water. Fleas can not survive yard flooded, so if you dumped Sometimes you can be rest assured gone fleas! Can usually rainy seasons what gets the job done, but if you were not in a better climate for it then do it manually.

Non-Natural Flea killer for yards and patios
Adams Plus Yard Spray
Bio Spot Yard and Garden Spray
Bayer Advanced 700280 Complete Insect Killer for Soil and Turf Ready-To-Spray, 32-Ounce
Proprietary two-way formula controls both surface and soil insects
Kills surface insects in 24 hours and kills soil insects for up to 3 months
Kills the most common lawn pests including: Ants, Fleas, Ticks, European Crane Fly Larvae, Grubs, Mole Crickets and more
Can be used as an outdoor barrier treatment
Treats up to 5,000 sq ft
The problem is that:
Th active ingredients not a natural component as the previous two.
The bottle pressure fitting comes off. Once it comes off, it is over. Putting it back on, it remains loose and will either work for a 30 sec period of time, spray you in the face, or just pop off.

Reviews above are a real time talk about the product from people like you, Although many people turns towards the home remedies to kill fleas, as they're cheap kitchen components.
here is a list of 100 homemade remedies for fleas
and all natural flea killers

Yes, Baking Soda works well to kill fleas, it’s a popular natural flea killer, this is how Soda works and why some people say Soda not working?

Soda is a powerful indoor flea killer for your house rooms, carpets, and on dogs and cats.
Baking Soda works to dehydrate, deodorize, Burn flea’s bodies and have them run from their hideout.
Do you know what Baking Soda we are talking about?
It's a white powder chemical material, the formal name is Sodium bicarbonate or sodium hydrogen carbonate, and has many related names: Bread soda, cooking soda, and bicarbonate of soda, in colloquial usage, forms such as sodium bicarb, bicarb soda, bicarbonate, bicarb, or bica are common. 

Why Baking Soda Doesn’t work for me to kill Fleas?These are possible cause why does Soda fail to kill fleas often
1. There’re some eggs remain:WHY does repeating the flea treatment lead to successful flea control all the time?
The fleas that you are dealing with now will have laid eggs and those eggs start hatching in about 6-8 weeks, so that repeating and integration are critical factors in fleas control success with baking soda and most home remedies.

2. Pupae must be penetrated Life cycle of fleas is two weeks, when treatment starting, some fleas are in egg stage, flea eggs pupae are air and water resistant. penetrate pupated eggs is so difficult.
Pupae is what you have to worry about; the eggs, larvae, and adult fleas are all easy to kill... but the pupae are impervious, short and small infestation have less or no pupae.
Kill Pupae (cocoons) with Dryer and keep your house well vacuumed.
3. Some people say that soda is a good deodorizer but flea killing substance are at the store, they failed because they are in a hurry, while home remedies need to be patient and consistent.

4.Don’t pour liquid caustic soda on carpet,
this won’t kill fleas alone but it will burn your carpet.

5. Do not try applying soda on a rainy day, or will wake up to wet carpets, and salt pulls the moisture out of the air as well, people live in a damp climate may sprinkle baking soda and salt in the morning then Vacuum 3 - 5 hours later in order to get successful flea treatment with soda.

6. Does baking soda go bad on dogs? Yes, Don’t forget to wash or rinse the baking soda off the dog or the it could be at risk of skin trouble.

How Does Baking Soda Kill Fleas?

Kill fleas eggs and larvae on carpets with Baking SodaHow does soda work?
  • Sprinkle generous amount of baking soda on the carpet until carpets being covered with soda.
  • Rub the baking soda by a broom into the carpet to ensure that soda particles gets down to the carpet’s bottoms where fleas are saving their laid eggs. 
  • Vacuum thoroughly After 48 hours.
  • To stop hatching of flea’s eggs, put the vacuum sack on the freezer, or just put some soda on it while vacuum. 
  • Do baking soda weekly or daily for heavy infestations on carpets lead to flea extermination 
If you happen to pick up some live fleas, they can crawl back out and rebreed all over the house.

Another effective strategy for fleas on carpet with soda mixed with salt:You can kill fleas with baking soda alone and it's gentler on carpet and rugs. Also treating your carpets with baking soda and salt together can come with more power, baking soda brings the fleas to the surface of the carpet then salt dries fleas up and kills them all.

Sprinkle a mixture of equal parts of table salt and baking soda together over the carpets. Instruct several move the carpet in waves to ensure soda become no visible, leave soda on carpets down for 3 days to catch all hatching eggs then vacuum away, going over carpets more than once.
Detailed Tactic to get rid of fleas on carpet.

Kill fleas on cats naturally and safe with baking soda remedy
Cats addict to avoid the floor. Instead they are hanging out on shelfs, computer desk and on the fridge too, so that transport and drop fleas everywhere, using baking soda to treat your house will lead the fleas to go crazy, trying to get away from them, until they died, So, if you do baking soda it RIGHT, you’ll get rid of fleas naturally and it won't hurt your cats.
  • Remove the odor from housing cats:
  • Put some sand down on inside housing of cats.
  • Then, in the bottom of the cats housing, sprinkle some baking soda on top of the sand.
  • Place a cover between the sand-soda bedding and the cat
Baking Soda remedies kill fleas on dogs wellCan I put baking soda on my dog? Yes, Baking soda is suitable for dog’s skin, dusting or spraying your dog with baking soda several hours before a bath will kill a lot of fleas and remove a lot of odor as well.
Best way to combat fleas and stop dog itching:
  • First treat all pets with Flea shampoo bath, make sure you use a flea shampoo made for cats. Flea shampoos that are made for dogs can harm a cat. 
  • Change your dog's PH to be not attractive to fleas. You can add the ACV to this baking soda water when it is at the maintenance dose.
Alkalize dog's drinking water by ongoing maintenance dose like this strategy:
  • Adding 1 teaspoon Baking soda to 1 liter of water, decrease the soda dose every day.
  • FOR A WEEK, make it the only drinking water, after a week, drop it down and change the direction to the increasing mode:
  • Put 1 teaspoon of baking soda into 3 liters of water as the only dog's drinking water for 1 day; increase to 2 spoons per 3 liters for the 2nd day; on the 3rd day add 3 teaspoons of baking soda to 3 liters of water, do this for a week, then alter and repeat from the beginning.
  • Use either Ted's mange remedy, or Ted's Anti-fungal/Anti-staph dip; for immediate yeasty smell relief that lasts about 24 hours.
Kitchen Baking Soda kill fleas on cloths
  • Your washer and dryer will kill any fleas on the clothes. 
  • Hang dry clothes, adding baking soda or borax. Either one will kill the fleas, add both to laundry too.
  • For people have no pets, use boric acid powder is great for suitcase and around trim and in corners of your house too.
  • Water does not have to be hot to kill fleas. All flea stages drown easily, water is a natural flea trap.
  • Wash all textiles (bedding curtains etc).
  • Dust stuffed furniture and mattresses. 
Kill House fleas with baking soda entirelySome people say that these little suckers won't go away unless going with a professional exterminator. For whom honestly cannot afford the cost, use baking soda to kill fleas in the home:

How to get rid of fleas in house and on cats without poisons, pesticides, and no flea bombs with baking soda, deodorize and clean your house and pets with baking soda
  • Remove the odor from mattresses of pets: To get rid of the smell in the chambers of sleeping for Pets, sprinkle the baking soda and leave it a quarter of an hour, then cleaned and vacuumed.
  • Clean and wash with baking soda works to kill fleas well: Use Baking Soda alone or to increase the cleanliness you can use paste of baking soda and salt with liquid soap dishes, cleans the same way.
  • Soda to clean the floors from dirt which is a good flea's habitat: Half a cup of baking soda placed on a container of warm water and wipe floors.
  • Soda for cleaning smooth surfaces such as sinks, bathtubs, ceramic bathroom walls and the glass: Sprinkle baking soda on a wet sponge, then wipe it on surfaces, scrub them well, then it must be rinsed with water and dried, 
  • Wash dishes and utensils: Add two tablespoons of baking soda on the cleaning liquid to eliminate oils and fats, you can soak dishes in water-baking soda-dishsoap mix, or rubbing the dishes using a wet sponge with a bit of baking soda.
  • Furniture cleaning with baking soda spray.
Cleaning Fabric teddy bear to get rid of fleas inside
  • Sprinkle the baking soda and leave a quarter of an hour and then shaking off baking soda, this will remove funky smell and kill fleas on teddy bear.
Baking Soda will kill fleas in sinks and kitchen
  • Make sure your basin in the kitchen does not contain remains of food,
  • Put a half cup of vinegar with a half cup of baking soda in the sink’s waste.
  • After 5 minutes: Pour boiling water to get rid of all remnants.
Baking Soda to get rid of fleas in the carTo get rid of the flea’s infestation and smell of upholstery and carpet inside the car:
  • Open car doors, sprinkle baking soda on carpets and upholstery, leave a quarter of an hour, then cleaned and vacuumed.
Why baking soda is a good substitute of fumigation?As the Diatomaceous Earth (DE) works, it could cut lungs in both people and pets, Baking soda is gentle on people and kill the fleas.

While Borax kill fleas but still a chemical poison that is harmful to people and pets and has been banned in many countries.
Flea bomb can fumigate the whole house and kill all insects extensively but the toxic chemicals still exist after fumigation.

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Probably you're searching for a method to get rid of fleas without bombing by a flea bomb, using harsh chemicals, and to be a cheap method, I can suggest you those three strategies:
1- Using Smoking source other than bombs like incense sticks ( like ones used by Yoga man)
2- using non-smoking method to get rid of fleas in your house: I mean kitchen remedies.
3- using non-chemical methods for fleas: as shocking fleas with electric flea traps, or sticky traps with light source at night.

Remember that: No humidity No Fleas
No bombing and No chemicals in getting rid of fleas is like Pouring water into the air.
Please just accept these facts for now and continue reading>
Please read carefully, I have used this 1 dollar recipe to get rid of fleas without bombing which costs me one third the fleas bombing method.

Why flea bombs does not favored by many people?Flea bombs have toxic chemicals which released in their home and affect kids and pets breathing.
Flea fogger are a bit costy for one single use in spite of the fact that flea bomb is most extensive flea control method yet.

Is it possible to get rid of them without exterminator or bombing?You have to save a lot of lives who live with you in your house, I mean your spouse, children, dogs, cats, chicken, etc.
I understand that, the smoking used to kill the fleas in all their life stages as not any other method can do, fumigation does used for mass killing all house insects, although, we can use a integrated recipe to get rid of fleas and save you from chemicals too.

A Golden method to get rid of fleas without bombing:

1 cup of salt
1/2 cup of 20-Mule-Team Borax/baking soda
A clove of fresh garlic
4 spoons of a cheap insecticide (like one called TAT, PT Alpine, or even Frontline/Advantage, insecticide with a growth inhibitor is more effective)
Mix them in a container for patch application.

Salt works well to get rid of fleas in your house, read more about How does salt work to kill fleas?
Borax i a very strong natural chemical to dehydrate fleas and kill most stages but we use with a minimal amount to minimize health effect, Read more about How does borax kill fleas?
Baking soda is suitable and effective substitute to the borax.
Garlic is a natural killer poison to fleas but don't add it to the cats food.
Using an insecticide and IGR Insect Growth Regulator is to maximize the lethal effect of home remedies with a minimum healthy effect, remember that salt work as a natural IGR.

Sprinkle a handful of salt-borax-insecticide recipe along the passages between the rooms and along the bottom side of walls, as fleas can be dehydrated by salty mixture sprinkled everywhere, larva and pupae are most effective than adults, as washing bed mattress can remove most adults (adult fleas are 5% of fleas population).

Wash hardwood floors with spraying a watery solution of insecticide-borax-salt mixture, as sprinkling salt crystals may not be suitable, add a one third cup of oily scent to maximize repelling effectiveness.

Fill in every corner of the carpets in the house with this deadly mixture, you can spray the liquid version on carpets instead of sprinkling.

Extract most larvae in carpets by starting to vacuum your carpets and furniture 2 to 3 times each week for a few weeks, a golden tips to get vacuuming works to kill most fleas:
Corners and thick Carpeting will need to be heavily dusted.
Leave the sprinkled mixture and sprayed solution for 48 hour on floors, carpets, and mattresses to maximize repelling and killing effectiveness.

Vacuum thoroughly with a disposable bag.
Fill the disposable bag with a handful of the killing insecticide-salt mix, once a flea drawn into the bag, will get poisoned and died forever, unless this step, the fleas in the bag still alive for a longer period and could go and run away, also eggs still able to start hatching, they will not be able to re-infest your home in the future.
Take the bag outside to a dumpster or trash can away from your house.
Make vacuuming as a habit, as vacuum process can exterminate fleas population regularly and used to eliminate chemicals that we have sprinkled.
You should see a difference in 2, 3 weeks at most.

Wash all bedding with hot soapy water is a first line remedy to force fleas to their deadly trap, fleas will be trapped into soapy pool.
Use chlorine with white cloths could increase the killing rate to 50% with minimum bad effect on cloths.
Also wash pet beds, toys and washable pet items at the same time.
Additional tips:
Fleas are attracted to the light with acceptable rate: Place a light bulb or lamp over a shallow dish of soapy water at night, add scents to maximize the effect on fleas and get a nice smell while fleas being trapped, more about flea traps.

DE and Vinegar are effective to get rid of fleas but can be used a second line defense after this recipe, as DE and vinegar has more harsh effect on both fleas and human as well, DE is preferred in yards than inside house.

Use liquid Soda instead of water as a natural spray for fleas for carpets and mattresses.

Treat your cat with a flea bath with any flea shampoo made for cats only.
Keep your cats on the Advantage for a couple of months post the infestation.

I can't get rid of fleas in my house even after applying salt borax insecticide mix?
re-infestation by fleas can occur after successful removal due to many reasons including:
  • brought in to a new house
  • buying a new furniture piece, 
  • dirty cloths,
  • closed living rooms
  • bring new kitten or puppy to the flea-free one you have
  • a new pet or human visiting your house
Read more about: where fleas come from in house?

I hope these tactics work on fleas in your house without having to fumigate your entire house, If you have suggestion or comments on this method, please don't be selfish. 

I am always looking for a natural way of killing fleas, Vinegar burns flea body then evaporates after application into water and a shiny appearance reside, no toxins no pesticide. In order to get vinegar works well to get rid of fleas, please apply to all pets and house as well for a regular period.

Please read carefully, don't be in a hurry, 
It took me 10 hours to get this integrated guide for you and it worth reading

Does vinegar work to kill fleas indoor and outdoor?

  • Vinegar is what kills fleas on contact, 75% of fleas dies on contact with vinegar and others die slowly.
  • The effective dose of vinegar is: For every 40 pound dog add 1 teaspoon of the white distilled vinegar/apple cider vinegar to 1 quart of pet's drinking water.
  • Apple cider vinegar works on the bites too and stops the itching, but use a lotion for allergic itching spots.
  • Vinegar work as a corrosive agent for larvae, eggs, and adults, Vinegar cause extermination to fleas populations when applied the right way, so it can be a good substitute for the flea bomb.
  • Vinegar act as a dehydrating agent, as fleas can't live in places with no moisture in the air. 
  • Vinegar is a broad spectrum natural insecticide against many gnats and fruit fly invasions in the kitchen too, no pesticides. Apple cider vinegar has enzymes in it that eats the exoskeletons of the bugs. vinegar will get rid of mange, scabies, ear mites and all other bugs. 
  • We use table salt for fleas as IGR and the vinegar too, a natural flea predator.
Are you sure, Will vinegar kill fleas? 
YesVinegar is the oldest fleas remedy has been used so far, so that the main job of vinegar products:
  • Use vinegar to kill fleas on dogs and on cats by deodorize our dogs and cats.
  • Natural flea deterrent for existing infestation and prevents new invasions but with proper application.
  • Vinegar kill fleas indoor when used to clean and deodorize bathrooms and toilets.
  • Use Vinegar outdoor as it’s a natural ingredient applied on lawns to prevent aphids, ants and pests eating green plants around the house.
Are you tried many methods and nothing going to work, please be sure that you have a flea’s infestation and no other insects.
Read about difference between Fleas and Ticks: What do fleas look like?

Does apple cider vinegar work for fleas on humans? Yes, effectively on human by bleaching, rinsing, spraying around, adding to drinking water, and adding to cooking foods.

Why vinegar does not work to get rid of fleas for some people?Does vinegar go bad? Yes, as vinegar still a chemical substance, but since the vinegar is a natural product, it can be integrated with other products to reduce or remove bad effects and enhance effectiveness to get rid of fleas.
Here are vinegar risks, side effects, failure parts and how to deal with them intelligently.
  1. Vinegar is not a long term killer for fleas: kill existing fleas infestation on pet's fur and skin but need more care to prevent new fleas from jumping on your clean pet.
  2. Vinegar not for extensive use on household plants as the white distilled vinegar sprayed on weeds can help kill and control them, which can harm your plants too unless you take care when applying it.
  3. Vinegar cause irritation for pets especially cats because they have a weaker skin, can be avoided by using vinegar dilution for all pets and use topical vinegar spray and drops.
  4. Vinegar is not for allergic cats and dogs as it causes more allergy unless lotions is applied.
  5. Vinegar effect is more apparent on pets when used both internally and externally.
  6. Using vinegar spray will turn your pets fur into black with time, can be solved by interval shower.
  7. Don’t use it concentrated on pet’s skin as it increased harsh and may cause lesions.
  8. Your pet can swallow the vinegar; dogs benefit from vinegar entering their blood but cats can't tolerate such acidity in their body, just take care of eyes and allergic spots when applying.
  9. Use organic olive oil on the dog’s or cat skin to help moisturize the skin, minimize the allergy, reduce the irritant effect of applied vinegar.
Which vinegar products works well on fleas?Vinegar is a homemade flea killer for house, the active ingredient of vinegar is the acetic acid which is found in any vinegar preparation,

Depends on what you use the vinegar for.
1. Use concentrated white vinegar for cleaning the countertops, toilet bowl, and mirrors, as no colors or residues, use diluted white vinegar for pet’s baths and drinking water of yourself and your pets.
Does white vinegar work for fleas removal? Yes effectively in house floors, furniture, and in drinking water of pets.

2. OACV is organic Apple Cider Vinegar. OACV contains nutrient-rich sediment at the bottom of the unfiltered ACV bottle. You may shake the bottle before using in pet’s food or human food, don’t shake if you’re going to apply to pet’s bath or just use the white version.
OACV may have The 'Mother' which could be seen as a strand or stringy thing of enzymes and connected protein molecules, recommend you do not shake the Mother or scramble it up when you are pouring from your OACV bottle.

Note that vinegar is different than Hydrogen peroxide.
how to kill fleas with vinegar

How do I get rid of fleas with apple cider vinegar effectively?

Please be patient, I will list the detailed strategy I used to remove fleas inside and outside the house step by step, if you have a comment please drop it down after finishing the reading.

Does vinegar work to get rid of fleas in the house?Do vinegar kill fleas in the house even I have no pets?
Does it actually work?
  1. Spray Vinegar in full strength all over the carpet in the house. shut the house up, turn off the A/C and let vinegar bake for few days while you’re at work. continue spraying for 3 days or once a week to be sure that fleas are all killed. 
  2. Spray gentle mist on the floor, along the floorboards, spray strengthen vinegar all over outside the house, along the foundation of your home. 
  3. Apply vinegar spray for furniture, in all the crack and crevices as you can, if you have a dehumidifier crank it on which reduce the moisture in the house rooms down to 50% or less.
The results are visible day to day and after weak you will see a great improvement.
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How does vinegar used to kill fleas on dogs and cats the right way?

1. Vinegar shower with shampoo works to kill fleas on dogs and cats fur and skinIf your dog and cats looks miserable with fleas just give him a vinegar shampoo bath
  • Make a 1:1 dish soap to diluted vinegar and bathe your cat or dog
  • Soak the pet in shampoo mix for about 20 minutes to drown fleas and have a clean dog
  • Wash off.
  • Towel dry your kitten/puppy.
2. Topical flea vinegar spray works to kill fleas when used to rinse after pet's bathWorks for dogs and cats as well, no harm.
  • Give your pet a shower with any regular shampoo at stores.
  • Rinse and washed off.
  • Pour a cup of distilled white vinegar to the pet bath water and cover all its body's fur.
  • Only, Air dry your pet.
3. Vinegar washing works to kill larvae and deteriorate flea eggs in cloths.
  • Firstly, change the pet's bedding with another clean one.
  • 3 hours soaking the pet’s bedding, linen, and bed sheets can work to kill all fleas stages.
  • Dry in the electric machine to eliminate eggs and larvae attached after being killed.
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4. Vinegar medication works to get rid of infested fleas on pets:The theory behind adding vinegar to the pet’s food, drinking water, or bathing water is to change the PH of dog’s skin which help repel fleas. vinegar will alter the PH of you dogs skin and make it inhabitable for the fleas. work only for dogs with diluted version, cats are weak for acids.
  • Adding drops of 5% white vinegar to the drinking water of dogs
5. Vinegar topical drops work cheaply as a flea repellent and infection treatmentTopical vinegar sprayer and drops are suitable for dogs more than cats; Cats need to have a PH of 6.0 or they can become ill as Vinegar alters PH 6.0 too much. But vinegar can be applied topically for cats as drops only in certain spots.
  • Put a few drops of apple cider vinegar on the fur and rub it in. 
  • Treat ear infection with fleas by applying few vinegar drops around ear and other body spaces like the armpits, tail, anus, and nose.
You should see the number of fleas decrease within a day or two, it works like a charm.
6. Vinegar vaccine in drinking water and food works to get rid of fleas from inside
  • Cook dog’s and cat’s food with vinegar will maximize the healthy value of the food and give an immunity boost to the pet’s alimentary system.
  • Adding few apple cider vinegar drops to drinking water of cats and dogs every day can work as a spell shield against fleas infection.
  • Don’t forget to put a few drops in pet’s food bowl every day. 
  • Personally I soaked the chicken liver in Apple Cider Vinegar and then cooked it with vinegar in it. Mixed up with rice and my dogs loved it so much. smart way to get it into their system. 
7. Vinegar Flea TrapUse vinegar with baking soda or borax to trap fleas with high killing ability
During a dose of baking soda ACV can help enhance the dog’s ability to deter fleas,
However, you can make a simple flea trap with vinegar recipe:
Put 2 Tablespoons of Organic ACV plus a 1/4 teaspoon of Baking Soda, pour all into a 15-30 ounces bottle of distilled water,
You may check this too: flea traps that work

Next will be the full baking soda effective dose, follow me.

Had a terrible summer of scratching due to fleas and allergies, your legs were black from the knee down with fleas., deflea your house and pets with vinegar at home at low cost and save the money taken by the groomer. Vinegar doesn't smell the greatest for a while but it is well worth it!
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Adult fleas eat the blood of human and animals before they can become capable of reproduction. but what do larvae eat? and what foods?

Fleas are ectoparasites, it means they are parasites that live on the outside surface of a host's body. 

Which species are the food of fleas?
Fleas feed on warm-blooded animals including dogs, cats, mice, humans, rabbits, squirrels and chickens as well. 

Larvae of Flea eat adult flea feces or so called the flea dirt and conspecific eggs to fulfill nutritional requirements and survive or will lead to developmental failure.

Cat flea larvae don’t live on hosts and don’t feed parasitically but scavenge for food in their surrounded environment and not from host's nutrition.

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What do fleas come from?
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Convey to you my experience in getting rid of fleas in carpet and bed:
First of all, we did not discover this until after the spread and as have told you I thought it cockroaches bites, but Stings and insomnia throughout the night was on the rise, and began to show the impact of stinging widely and on whole family's skin, until we found one of them walked over the bed, it was a thunderbolt, and from here we started to search for the rest of the flea army, the resistance and the weapons collection began to prepare for fleas war.

The first thing we have done is to change the external bed sheets for mattresses and leaving it soaked with water for a day or two.

We started to expose all "mattresses of the house" to the sun at peak time, since the time of nine o'clock, to the even time of 2:00 p.m..

The best place is the roof of the house or enclosures for balconies, because the sunlight spreads better there.

After exposing them to the sun for several days, washed all the linens and bedspreads with detergents well and exposed them in the sun to dry.

At the time, vacuum all carpets, mattresses, linens, and even the tablecloths, use Portable Electronic Vacuum Cleaner to draw all dropped fleas and eggs on the mattresses

vacuum is the best way to get rid of fleas in carpet, as the machine get the fleas out of the carpet with their eggs and larvae.

We bring furniture, because the fleas were hiding there also, even if were not in large infestations, but to ensure that the fleas be eliminated permanently everywhere, we exposed them to the sun first then painting them with wood painting, and as the the painting material has a strong smell it may make all the insects run away.

We painted the doors, too, and so was the renewal of full house, no need to buy a new house for now, :)
Cleaning is the best way to get rid of bed fleas, after cleaning and vacuuming, we had did smoking in the room and the apartment using a smoke bomb (flea bomb) from any store or using some incense sticks, such as that used in yoga and meditation, lock the room so well to let the incense smoke heavily deployed in the room.

Every night we are keen to physical hygiene and the use of perfume or scented creams largely, because fleas and bed bugs all troubled by the strong odor and sliding on the body which moisturized with cream.

Fight against fleas in carpet and bed lasted several weeks and ended with a fantastic victory on fleas.

Believe me, we didn't used any special detergents or cleaning companies, all we need is to arming the house against house fleas, natural methods still work.

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