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Comprehensive illustration of simple home remedies with special concentration on what do work to kill fleas and what do not. Only here you will find science of flea control.

The basic idea to kill fleas in a highly efficient way is by elimination of eggs that dispersed on carpets and floors in your home or in the whereabouts of cats and dogs.
I've said that because most of my friends and even me, we have used different methods to eliminate fleas, all applied ways to kill fleas only keep us protected for few days before we feel the bites of fleas in our skin again.

Why fleas come back after week or two of applying fleas control?
Actually there are two strategies involved:
Control stage: the methods used to kill fleas for the first time
Maintenance stage: the following methods needed to enhance the effect of control stage processes to last longer in your house and provide longer term protection against fleas.
A maintenance process is must to be following the control process, because the flea pupae are highly resistant to insecticides.
It is the flea season and you should be ready for them

Why using home remedies to kill fleas?
Home remedies are available everywhere in online and offline stores.
Home remedies can be made or mixed easily to increase the killing power of fleas.
Using Home remedies to kill fleas is safer for your children and pets than commercial products which contain some sort of toxins.
And therefore, there is no damage or health problems expected from using everyday remedies to get rid of fleas.
The home remedies are used not to kill fleas only, but to end their presence, or so-called extinction of fleas from your home.

List of homemade killer recipes for getting rid of fleas 
A list enriched with each remedy effect or failure factors in killing fleas in house.

1- Get Rid of Fleas with Washing, Cleaning and Bathing everyday.
Keeping your home clean and clear is the key to success in your battle against the fleas. They do not like to come to places which sparkling dirt free. So wash your and your pets’ everyday items like bed sheets, pillows, clothing, rugs and other items of this sort.

2-Use Dish Soap as a flea trap on dogs and in the house rooms
The liquid of washing or soap can be used with candle light to trap fleas in house.
Dish washing liquid can be used as a bath to your dog.
Does washing clothes kill fleas
Does dawn dish soap kill fleas?
Does dish soap kill fleas?
The dish-washing liquid make bubbles which is strong enough to trap fleas by simply Cripple fleas and drive them out from everywhere present in it by force, because the soap liquid has great viscosity which force flea to not move again once stuck, thus the flea will be killed. Then the candle is used to attract fleas to the soap bowel or dish.

How to use dish soap or dishwashing liquid to get rid of fleas?
  1. Place the hot water in a dish or a medium bowl. 
  2. Place the dish washing liquid in the container and mix gently. 
  3. At night, place the bowl in the middle of each room in your home. 
  4. Put a burning candle in the middle of container or next to each bowl. 
  5. In the morning, empty the container of contents, including the bodies of fleas.
  6. Repeat the previous steps every night until you make sure that no fleas around your bed.

Why dish soap does not work to kill fleas?
Use metal base to install the candles, to avoid the transmission of the candle flame to the ground.
It is must to use soap enough to sink fleas.

3- Use Vinegar lemon spray to kill fleas inside your house.
This method is simply using home herbals to kill fleas by spraying Sprinkle incendiary materials on fleas.
Does vinegar kill fleas?
Will vinegar with lemon kill fleas?
The theory of vinegar usage is that the vinegar has strong ability to dehydrate the flea’s body and pupae to make them exposed to the lethal lemon juice and herbal Aromatic scents which hurt their nose. I think it is the stronger recipe to kill fleas naturally.

How to use Vinegar to get rid of fleas the right way?
  1. Use vacuum attachments to vacuum each corner, upholstery as well as cervices; don’t forget to empty the bag before use.
  2. Make the vinegar recipe by mixing the following ingredients: 
  3. Vinegar- 1 gallon (a little less than 4 liters)
    Water- ½ gallon (a little less than 2 liters)
    Lemon juice- 16 oz. (a little less than 500 ml)
    You can use Witch hazel- 8 oz. (a little less than 250 ml) for better effect.
  4. Bring a 6 – 7 Liters sprayer bottle and fill it with the mixture.
  5. Spray your carpets, furniture, pet bedding, window sills, floors, every corner and direction of your house.
  6. Re-apply the vinegar lemon recipe for 2 days for light infestations or for 7 days for heavy infestations, or the time that you do not feel any flea bites.
Why vinegar does not work to kill fleas?
You must vacuum first before applying the recipe, because vacuum make it easy to kill eggs and larvae.
You must reapply the vinegar recipe until the fleas deep infestation end, it is not a matter of single use, fleas did not get bored easily, and we must make them uncomfortable.

4- Use table Salt to kill fleas cheaply.
Why use the salt to kill fleas?
I have posted a complete list of pros and cons of usage the salt in flea control process, please read it here.
Can salt kill fleas effectively?
Does salt kill fleas?
Does table salt kill fleas?
Does salt kill fleas in carpet?
Common salt is used mainly to kill fallen fleas eggs on carpets and floors; therefore the salt is more specific than other home remedies used to remove fleas.

How to use salt to control fleas?
Simply: put the salt (used in the kitchen as a fine powder or crystalline) in a large bottle with a shaker top; fill the bottle to the three quarters.
Sprinkle the salt in every corner in the room and carpet.
Leave the salt on the floors and carpet for 1 -2 days.
Vacuum properly.
Reapply every 2 days to kill the hatched larvae, repeat the treatment by slat until you destroy all eggs and larvae.
For more details about: using salt to kill fleas, and why salt does not work to kill fleas?

5- Use Borax to kill fleas on the boards and carpets.
Borax and Boric acid as a family of borate, used to control flea’s infestation inside the house, Borax and boric acid cannot used to kill fleas on pets to avoid irritant effect on the eye and skin of pets.
Read my post about:
How to use borax to get rid of fleas effectively?

How does Boric Acid work to kill fleas?
Why Borax doe not work to remove fleas?

6- Use Diatomaceous Earth to get rid of Fleas in your Yard completely.
Why using DE to control fleas?
DE is mainly used in large quantity to get rid of fleas in the yard.
Diatomaceous Earth is safe in your house since they are non-toxic and it is a food grade, do not worry.

How do Diatoms work to kill fleas?
Does Diatomaceous Earth work to kill fleas?
Diatomaceous Earth is microscopic algae found as a powder, which is used to play a role in stopping the life cycle of the flea. Diatoms have sharp edges of silicon, Diatoms edges cut through the hard shell of fleas and dry them out, which make the insect vulnerable to extreme environment and lead to death of the insect.

How to use Diatomaceous earth to get rid of fleas completely?
  1. Make the flea eggs and larvae more vulnerable first by vacuuming the ground and carpets by vacuum machine the brush and hot water.
  2. Sprinkle DE on your carpets, pet beddings, and everywhere you think it is a secret flea’s home.
  3. Diatoms may spend 6 hours to kill fleas found nearby them; you can let DE sprinkled up to 2 days, 
  4. Vacuum your house; discard the vacuum bag, repeat weekly to completely getting rid of eggs of fleas.
Why Diatomaceous earth doe not work to kill fleas?
  • Always vacuum before and after.
  • DE is not effective to kill fleas on dogs and cats because it irritates eyes if contact it or hurt throat when breathed, the same is with human.
  • Diatoms are not so effective in humid environments.
  • Use Diatoms in dry form only, because DE is not active when they are wet.
use kitchen remedies to kill fleas by lemon, vinegar, soda, salt, and mint
Second: Get rid of fleas by using natural homemade repellent recipes:
Repellents used alone to repel insects or mixed with killer recipes to extend its power.

1- Use Rosemary and peppermint recipe to repel fleas
Rosemary is a powder, a rinse, or an oil herbs
Does Rosemary leaves work to kill fleas?
Why rosemary herbs do not work to get rid of fleas?
Actually Rosemary is a fragrance which only repels fleas and keeps them away from your house; you can consider it as a natural flea repellent. But the peppermint may hurt the fleas in some way.
Then you can use this recipe as a secondary solution after getting rid of fleas by a killer method.
You can use rosemary peppermint recipe for dog’s bath and as drops applied to collars for cats.

How to prepare rosemary peppermint recipe to kill fleas?
  1. Grind all ingredients in a grinder “Rosemary, Rue, Wormwood, Fennel, and Peppermint” until they become powder.
  2. Place all content into a large container.
  3. Disperse the recipe content inside and outside rooms of the house such as carpet, furniture, pet’s bedding, below furniture, and window sills.
  4. Reapply frequently to keep your house protected.
2- Control flea’s infestation using Citronella Essential Oil Recipe.
Citronella is fragrant natural oil used as a natural insect repellent and in perfume and soap manufacture. Citronella is used to get protected safely and naturally from household insects such as fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, black flies etc.
Citronella is mainly used for pets but it is still good for home use.

Does Citronella Essential Oil work to kill fleas?
It’s only a natural repellent which can be used with other stronger killer methods.

How to use citronella essential oil for flea control?
  1. Mix all the recipe ingredients together in 1 gallon of slightly hot water:
  2. Citronella oil- 20 drops
    Tea tree oil- 10 drops
    Lemongrass oil- 10 drops
    Geranium oil- 5 drops
  3. Do not forget to vacuum first.
  4. Use the recipe to clean floors and baseboard as well.
  5. Repeat daily or weekly.
3- Does Horse Apples work to get rid of fleas?
A horse apple traditionally is a kind of natural flea’s repellent remedies.
You can find them under several names such as: Horse apple , Maclura pomifera, Osage orange, hedge apple, monkey ball, bois d’arc, bodark, or bodock.

How to use Horse Apples to repel fleas for good?
  1. Dry the horse apples to be more effective.
  2. Cut the fruit into small sections.
  3. Place pieces in every room and at each inch of the house as in hallway, window sills and still good for yards.
  4. Reapply every month or two.
4- Garlic solution is another natural repellent but does not work unless used with killer recipes.

Comprehensive methods to get rid of fleas completely 
1- Vinegar Salt and Vinegar Baking Soda Recipes
Does Vinegar Salt recipe work to kill fleas? Read the answer.
The recipe composed by mixing:
8 oz apple cider vinegar
4 oz warm water
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking soda 

2- Natural Herbs homemade spray instead of chemical sprayers.
You can mix all recipes in one powerful recipe to kill and repel fleas at once, in addition to the advantage of spraying, which make it easy to catch fleas in every point in the home.

Home remedies to get rid of Fleas on Dogs and cats
  1. Cedar oil dropped over Flea collar
  2. Flea deterring drink of vinegar
  3. Flea Comb of lemon to repel fleas away from dog
  4. Hang a sachet on the dog will keep it protected from fleas
  5. Bathe the dog with pet-friendly soap or shampoo with half cup of lemon juice.
  6. Get Rid of Fleas with Yeast: Try sprinkling some yeast over your pets’ body. You can also make a citrus spray. Just take a slice of lemon, extract some juice from it, mix it with a bit of water and boil it to a heating point. 
Conclusion:Your kitchen full of very safe and killer chemicals that kill fleas without any harm on your health and on the safety of your children, dogs, cats, kittens, or puppies.
Nevertheless, the use of home remedies to get rid of fleas’ species is limited on the informed people to avoid the misuse of such simple home techniques.

I Recommend you to test each method I have listed by yourself, further more, you can mix some of them to make new and powerful recipes, however, share these recipes with friends and family member will extend the circle of testing and someday you will be expert.

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