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I will provide an extensive coverage of the methods currently in circulation to get rid of fleas, lice and mites using Products Contain Borate, In addition to clear explanation for why borax kills fleas while sometimes borax does not kill flea’s eggs and larvae; however I listed some tested fleas recipes used to maximize killing effect.

I have found many questions like these:
Does borax really work to kill fleas?
How to use Boric acid to kill fleas?
does baking soda kill fleas?
does borax kill fleas and eggs?
does salt kill fleas?
does borax kill fleas on dogs?
does borax kill fleas in the yard?
does borax kill fleas outside?
does borax kill fleas on furniture?

If your mind has become a bit disoriented, I advise you to keep reading...
Firstly Lets know the basics.
What is borax? What is borax powder?
What is borax made of?
Borax is a White chemical compound found naturally on the earth as soft colorless crystals of sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate.
Boric acid or sodium borate can also be found in personal care products, in some diaper creams, and Goopy toys.

What is Difference between Using Boric Acid and Borax for Fleas?Borax looks like the table salt but not for eating.
Powdered borax is white, consisting of soft colorless crystals that dissolve easily in water.
Chemical reaction involving Borax ore dissolved in water in addition to Hydrochloric acid will result in regeneration of Boric Acid, thus, how the boric acid is formed from borax,
Thus, The Borax is the parent for Boric acid. And Boric acid has more toxicity than Borax.

Which Borax Powder or Boric Acid Powder Works the Best? Does Borax for fleas control or Borax for Fleas removal?
The boric acid consisting of other powerful anti-insects, thus the boric acid is the best to kill fleas then borax which is in its pure form.
Test a mixture of them for more effectiveness in getting rid of fleas in your home.

What is borax used for?Borax is a powerful antiseptic and pesticide, especially in the boric acid form.
Does borax used as a detergent?Borax is a substance that can be used for killing a variety of pests and many nasty Social insects. The powdered form is involved in some household cleaning agents.
Is borax safe?Yes, but use sterile packets.

Is borax toxic?Borax is a very powerful toxin for fleas and other parasites, that makes the borax is safer for human health as antiseptic.
Other possible dangers with prolonged exposure to borax as a boron-compound:
Hormone disruption and decreased sperm count in males. But These dangers is limited to workers in the chemical fields not the users of Borax in home as pesticide.

But the recommended use of borax will prevent any possible danger, to learn how to avoid toxicity of borax; here is a list show you how to use borax products to be less toxic and safer:
1. Pregnant must stay away from any Borate substance.
2. Borax may have respiratory problems on cats as difficult breathing.
3. Borax Can Cause damage to carpets as a result of humidity when carpets are wet.
4. Borax Overdose will lead to toxicity for food, children, and your plants, and of course is more toxic on pets like cats, the safe borax dose usually kept under 5 mg.
5. Keep the borax away from your plants as it can cause damage to them.
6. Get rid of fleas on dogs or cats using Borax mixture on something like collar, but never use it directly on pets, to avoid sensitivity reactions, because the pets is highly sensitive to borax than human.
7. Prolonged exposure to Borax in your home causes skin irritation and other allergies. Be careful when using Borax from scattering particles.
8. Why Borax is more dangerous to pets and Babies? Because they are more close to the ground and has high exposure rate due to their small bodies. Thus will lead to serious health complications.

Do be frustrated, more juicy content still coming....
Why using Borax to kill fleas?The powdered Borax has absolutely no smell.
Borax doesn’t get absorbed by the skin when touched.
Borax is significantly less toxic then most flea insecticides and products.
How Borax kill fleas?Borax reacts with the outside of insects body and dehydrate their covering surface, the insect cannot live without the protecting layer above their bodies, thus lead to eventual death of insect. Therefore, the use of borax and boric acid or borate will result in extermination of fleas naturally.
Also, some insects ingest the boric acid, the borax has very powerful effect on guts.
Therefore, the Borax is used as insecticide not just a repellent.
Borax for fleas control as simple as ABC
Simple use of Borax powder to kill fleas

3 DIY methods: How to use borax to kill fleas effectively?

  • Comprehensive flea removal by Borax powder:
  1. Start with Extensive Treatment Borax on flea’s infested carpets by simple sprinkle action.
  2. The hidden fleas from your wrath, Catch them up by a stiff house brush or broom.
  3. Vacuum them up after a period of 6 hours and up to 24 hours for more prolonged effect.
  • Treat your carpet by Borax-Salt Powerful mixture to kill larvae and flea eggs:
  1. Mix borax, four parts of borax to one part salt.
  2. Shake the mixture before use
  3. Sprinkle Borax-Salt mixture over carpeting by get it as deep in to the carpet as possible.
  4. Let it sit for a day. That will stop larvae from growing and desiccate flea adults and eggs. 
  5. Vacuum your carpet up from Boric acid remnant to avoid harmless effect. 
  6. The same effect is when borax mixed with baking Soda.
  • Use Magic Paste paste of Borax to kill other household insects:
 As cockroaches, leprosy, killing ants, fleas, bed bugs, roaches, moth, spiders and other pests, .
Simply Mix quantity of Borax with half quantities of kitchen remedies like the Flour, sugar, and milk Powder to attract fleas and other insects.

Why Borax does not work to kill fleas in my house?

Similar question are:
Why Borax is effective in getting rid of fleas?
Why Borax is not effective as an insecticide?
Why Borax does not get me rid of fleas completely?
The answers are explained below.

Getting rid of flea eggs using borax is nonsense process. Why?The Borax and its derivatives only act on the skin-like covering of the insect which consisting of reacted water, hence borax eliminate that water which will lead to disintegration of protective structure of flea, flea will lose its body contents and face a variety of new dangerous environmental factors as temperature and acidity, that way is how the borax kill flea chemically.
The Borax also can be used to prevent small larvae that hatch but with a little effect.
Unfortunately, the egg of flea has additional protective layer, which protect larvae and eggs from pressure, temperature, humidity, or grinding.

How to use Borax to kill flea eggs and larvae?

The Flea eggs problem resolved by:
    Common Borax Product is 20 mule team Borax
  1. Vacuum them up first on your carpets, either use water based vacuum cleaner or steam clean them for best results. To eliminate the caterpillar-like covering of eggs and larvae, then use Borax or other methods to.
  2. Mixing the Borax with Salt, or Mixing the Borax with Baking Soda, Will maximize the lethal effect of Borax, and enhances its ability to kill fleas and other insects.
Where Can I Get Borax or boric acid for fleas?The more familiar is Mule Team borax for fleas is very good product that you can try.
But I recommend you to test some additions if you purchased boric acid pure.
Borax Products found in other online markets as walmart, amazon, as well as supermarket.
Boric acid is generally sold at hardware stores; usually it will be labeled as a flea killer. It will come in like a shaker kind of container.

Other magic Usage of Borax and Borates:Borax is used as sprayer for cleaning, remove stains from stainless steel or porcelain sinks when mixed with lemon juice, Mixed with boiling water and applied to the bathtub or on counters to clean your toilet and unclog drains, deodorize your garbage pail by filling it with borax and water. Let it soak then rinse it out. Sprinkle some borax in the bottom once it's clean.

  • Read my article carefully to uncover the secrets of Borax treatment.
  • Use and test the powerful Borax Fleas Treatment Alternatives and additives such as Natural food grade diatomaceous earth, which using the life cycle properties of fleas to kill them.
  • The borax Mixtures is more powerful killers to flea’s eggs and larvae, and therefore, the Borax become stronger in the killing of household insects.
  • Mix Borax with baking Soda or with salt will increase the killing effect and also is a cheap addition.
  • Using few flea traps can get you rid of them in your carpets for long term protection of fleas.
  • Use the Borax treatment frequently or even on monthly basis to enhance the protection for the long period.

By using such home remedies to kill fleas I argue you to test and test and share with your friends and family to discover the pros and cons in different situations, thus will make you an expert in such remedies.
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