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How to get rid of fleas with salt as a natural, safe, effective method and substance you can use to control fleas and is available in every home,
If you face fleas nightmare, spraying chemicals but with now returning value, frustrating to see fleas jump up out on the carpeting and everywhere around.

Actually, fleas can be one of the most annoying aspects of owning a pet. They aggravate both you and your pet - dog fleas and cat fleas can and will bite people as well, flea bites cause itch and pain. Fortunately, there are a number of Natural ways to deal with the problem of fleas, ways to get rid of them once your house is filled up with these unwelcome guests. learn how to differentiate home insects?

Firstly we must know:
What is the salt we are talking about?
Table salt is the Common salt is a mineral substance Odorless white cubic crystals composed primarily of sodium chloride.

Why using salt to kill fleas? Salt is non-harmful chemical to the health, except from mild itching.
Salt is very cheap home remedy, thus is not expensive. One carton, less than 80 cents.
Salt is easy to use by simple sprinkling.
Salt is easy to be eliminated after getting rid of fleas in your house.
Common salt is a safer chemical to be used in your home and around your children.

How does salt work to kill fleas?
Does table salt kill fleas effectively?Because salt is Hygroscopic, it has the ability to attract moisture, the fleas do not like moist places and will be killed.
Because salt is dehydrating agent, the salt will attract water content from surfaces of flea’s body, the body of flea become exposed and vulnerable to damage and loss easily. If the insect lost the outer layer of its body, it is easy to be crushed easily using any flea treatment to kill fleas, such as: Salt solution, salt powder, salt mixture with Borax, Life Cycle interruption, or it will die naturally because of environmental factors change around them after damage occurred on their own body.

Does Salt really work to kill fleas?Yes, you can get rid of fleas with salt alone, but keep in your mind the right way to use this simple home remedy, simple steps to use salt to kill fleas are mentioned below.

Why Salt does not work to kill fleas in my house, on dogs, on cats?
Very Common Question, Please check the following:
  1. Did not vacuum floors, boards, and carpets before sprinkling salt, vacuum make salt effective to kill eggs and pupae.
  2. Dispersed salt inside and forgot the outside places such as room threshold, passages of rooms, boundaries or rooms, or forgot to move furniture and salting underneath. and therefore the fleas found unsalted place to run away.
  3. Salt not applied directly to the pets, keep reading to learn how?
Does salt kill fleas and their eggs?Salt has an insect growth regulator (IGR) to prevent eggs from hatching and larvae from pupating, although, the salt must be used with precautions and vacuum for perfect removal of fleas by salt.

Does Salt used to repel fleas or to kill fleas?Salt is perfect insecticide, has amazing chemical removal power to get rid of fleas naturally, salt not just repellent but a strong fleas and insect killer.
Does salt kill fleas outside?Salt is powerful remedy to kill fleas inside home or outside home, in the garden, in yards, etc,

Does salt kill fleas in your carpet?Salt is mainly used on carpets, because of the carpets, hardwood floors, baseboards, and floors generally contain the largest number of flea eggs falling from the dogs and cats or even human. Also, the cats can perch on top of tall furniture in your apartment and would only come down to feed. Meaning, you have fleas in your carpet. The carpet then is the main target in flea control procedures. But take care of salt on your carpet, the salt is responsible for moisture, therefore the carpets do not like moisture, so that, the fast elimination of salt crystals after 12 hours from the carpet is the best techniques to kill fleas without damage your carpet.
Use Salt on kitchen floor and bathroom tile and your landlords upstairs used it on their wood floors, salt didn't seem to harm any surfaces.

Does salt kill fleas on dogs?It is not a good idea to use ordinary salt to bathe your dog; Actually, Salt has amazing effect to get rid of fleas naturally on human, because we use salt around human on carpets and grounds not on our body’s skin, the same with dogs and cats, cats and dogs have a thick layer than human on their skin in addition to the fur and hair, although the salt irritate the dog or cat and may cause dehydration to their bodies. Therefore, the correct use of salt to kill fleas on pets is fatal.
Does Salt really work to Kill fleas?

11 DIY Steps on How to use Salt to kill fleas the right way?

Please follow these golden tips to get rid of fleas for good.
  1. Collect the tools: Obtain some highly refined household salt or sea salt but with fine powder consistency. Buy 2 lbs of table salt, put it into a large spice bottle with a shaker top, 1 1/2 lbs was enough to thoroughly treat a 2 bedroom apartment.
  2. Must first remove all the furniture and moved to the center of the room. 
  3. Washing must be done for bedspreads, blankets, rugs, curtains, drapes, pillows, and mattresses, or hanged in a well ventilated place and in front of sunlight. 
  4. Vacuum the entire house or target place and distribute salt simultaneously to cover the whole place.
  5. Start the task: Sprinkle salt powder lightly but evenly over your carpet, recommended to start sprinkle over the hallway leading to the room and at least three feet in front of threshold of the room, in order to not leave unsalted flooring for fleas to run away, don’t forget to sprinkle salt under and around furniture, also start at the baseboards then move towards the center of the room. 
  6. Make sure every inch of carpets and floors are covered with salt through spreading the salt by brush or rake it in. 
  7. Let the salt take control of the mission: Leave salt in your carpet for 12 to 48 hours, for heavy flea’s infestation, it is recommended to keep salt for several days over the grounds and floors but for less period on carpets to prevent damage.
  8. Drag soldiers away: Vacuum thoroughly the entire room or department to every inch of space to ensure the removal of salt after the mission is completed. Because salt attract moisture, so do not leave it in for very long in very hot or humid conditions. Otherwise, you’ll end up with salty, wet carpet.
  9. Throw away the vacuum bag, taking it outside, placing it into a garbage bag, and sealing it immediately.
  10. Repeat the entire salt-and-vacuum process twice again with.
  11. Keep small amount of salt for longer period on carpets and floors which lay down into the fibers, killing flea eggs that may hatch up to seven months later.
Small tip to kill fleas with Salt effectively:
Keep up with the vacuuming and salting your house , sponge or brush with apple cider vinegar the floors for a week or 10 days until all the fleas in the full flea cycle are dead.

How to use Salt Mixed Solutions to get rid of fleas? Does it really work to kill fleas?
You can use garlic spray or garlic salt...a good deterrent but won’t kill fleas for good.
Salt baking Soda Recipe is strong killer for fleas
Salt boric acid Recipe: This chemical is found in a number of commercially-available products, such as Borax. Use the same technique as with refined salt; however, check with the carpet manufacturer to make sure your carpet can withstand boric acid. While boric acid is generally non-toxic, long-term, low-level exposure to boric acid can cause some health conditions in humans and pets, so this treatment should not be used frequently.

How to use Salt lemon Mixture to enhance the killing power of Salt?
  1. Vacuum your home.
  2. Make the recipe by addition of 1c table salt, 1c baking soda, 30 drops essential lemon oil. Mix and put in a jar or 500ml plastic container and punch holes in lid then shake all over the floors and carpets. 
  3. Wear white socks over your pant bottoms and regularly and carefully check them for fleas, carefully check your white socks before you leave for work so you aren't spreading fleas. As soon as you come home, immediately put on the socks. Wear socks to bed. Check before you get into bed. in about two weeks, the fleas will be almost gone. 
  4. Also, purposely walk through your whole place twice a day to trigger any remaining eggs to hatch and jump on you. 
  5. Vacuum then garbage or freeze the bag and re-apply salt. still vacuum and re-apply salt again and leave salt on for some time. 
  6. If the fleas get on you, you'll itch like a dog. Just shower with soap and they'll be gone.
  7. Keep visitors out of your place until the fleas are gone to prevent spreading them. 
  8. Do not use lemon essential oil on cats, just the salt/baking soda.
The results after using salt to kill fleas:After weeks of using Salt treatment you will surprise that no fleas. Nothing in the yard. Nothing in the house. Nothing on the dogs.
The cats seem much relieved now.
The dogs will be recovered.
The pets will retain their health day after day.

Salt Alternatives:Expensive flea drops for many cats.
Frontline and revolution is kind of expensive, but vets usually sell them in single doses ($15 – $20 each), while they poison your pet’s bloodstream and can do all sorts of damage such as give your pet a seizure disorder.
I recommend you to test this way yourself and share it with your family members and friends to test it in many different cases, after a period you will be an expert.

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  1. Very excited to find s safe way to kill fleas. I tried borax once and my 3 lb chihuahua got very ill from it. I used revolution on him , but he is still scratching. Will give the salt a try and hope for relief for all of us. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I used a mixture of dawn dish soap with salt sprinkled over my 7 week old kitten. The fleas died almost instantly and the ones that did not were easy to take off. They go to the surface of the fur rather than being buried down below the skin.

  3. Is it safe to leave salt on with cats walking around and over it ??

  4. Do salt grinded into even smaller cristals works better than regular salt?

    1. I think both work, however i put the salt in my blender. I bombed first then i vacuumed a lot. I am using salt for the rest. Make sure you wear socks so you can monitor your progress. I also have container of water with dish detergent in it handy. I put all fleas on my socks in the soapy water. It kills them right away. I have had the salt down for 6 days so far and haven't seen any more adults. I am catching the newly hatched, and seeing much smaller numbers.

  5. What is the mixture of soda/salt that is safe to use on my cat


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