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How do Fleas Enter in my house? 
Where the fleas come from?
Fleas where it comes from?
If you have a big house and have an area of space around it exploited in the house for the dog or for the cultivation of certain plants or herbs which it is useful for you, confirmed that the dogs will bring fleas? Why dogs bring fleas despite the fact that her house is always clean?

We shall reply the frequent question like those:where fleas live?
where fleas hide?
how dogs get fleas?
fleas in house?
where do fleas come from if you don't have pets?
where do fleas come from if you have no pets?
fleas come from outside?

Make sure the creepy critters are fleas and not some other type of biting invader, such as bed bugs, gnats, or small ants.

1. Fleas come from outside they are generally in the grass, from the woods and fields.
2. It could be from the dirty place next to your house: If a neighbor is very dirty that is another place they breed. Even if you applied control methods in your house.
3. A flea is usually brought into a home by a furred animal of some kind, and this can of course be domestic pets such as dogs and cats. Even if a domestic animal has not been in the house for a very long time, fleas can still survive. A flea can lay dormant in a house for many months with no animal activity and survive for a lengthy period. Flea eggs are roused from their slumber by vibrations, and then simply wake up when people enter the home and start moving around again.
4. Fleas are found in your home due to vermin or rodents, or other wild animals being in close proximity to the home such as squirrels, raccoon, and other small rodents will find ways to get into your yard, carrying fleas and ticks along with them.
5. How do fleas come to your yard? By Human Transportation or visits of wild animals, , it’s easy for a few to hitch a ride on your pants leg, socks, shoes, etc. These parasites are well-adapted at finding ways to attach to potential hosts in order to find their next blood meal, the more visitors you have to your yard, the greater the chance of an infestation arriving on the back of another animal.

How do dogs and cats get fleas?Short walks around the block; play dates at the local dog park; a visit to the veterinarian; a stint at the boarding kennel; a trip to the groomer; a ride in the car; etc., and they will find the furriest spots in the deepest crevices of your pet’s skin. Look especially close in the neck fur, in the abdomen, and in the arm "pits."
Where do fleas come from
Where do fleas live, hide, and infest?1. Fleas can found inside on articles of clothing.
2. Can be carried on the backs of animals, such as bats, raccoon, opossums, rats, and/or squirrels.
3. Fleas can spread to different rooms and apartments through flea-infested animal nests in a nook or cranny of a building. Then flea eggs can lie dormant in a carpet for months until a potential meal walks by and disturbs them telltale vibrations can cause flea eggs to hatch in seconds.
4. Wild animals to come into your dog’s domain: Feral cats roaming your property are also carriers of fleas and ticks.

Where do the flea bites found?Flea bites usually are found on the feet and ankles. The bites commonly go unnoticed when they happen, but people can experience itching, a rash, and/or irritation after the fact.
If the symptoms are bothersome, flea bites can be treated with carbonated petroleum jelly, menthol, ice, or calamine lotion. Or Call Medical Services at x4-2284.

How Can You Stop fleas from Entering your Home?1. To keeping a neat and tidy house is the best way of stopping fleas from entering.
2. Check and clean second hand carpets or furniture. By simple vacuum cleaner
3. Check secret hiding places of fleas like humid and cool areas, so anywhere that doesn't get much sun is a good place to start.
4. Yard or a less mowed garden is probably the best way of hiding flea and carrying pets,
5. Not well sealing obvious gaps or nooks and crannies with sealant foam or caulk is also a way of mice and rats which grab fleas.

Simply remember to thoroughly clean, scrub, and vacuum anywhere you fear they might be hiding, and use commercially available powders and such to kill them and destroy any offspring. Always throw anything machine washable into the washing machine if you fear they have been compromised, such as cushions, sheets, and throw rugs, and aggressively vacuum and clean all of the carpets and furnishings.

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Homemade remedies to get rid of fleas

I recommend you to test and test more and more by sharing the techniques with your friends, relatives, or neighbors to expand testing area and get strong experience without a help.

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