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Probably You are searching for the best way to get rid of fleas on dogs and puppies, safer way to get rid of fleas on cats and kittens, Easy fastest natural way to get rid of fleas, or getting rid of them with most effective way to get rid of fleas in and out.
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Do you suffer from flea bites?
You can not sleep from scratching.
Darn fleas!! i hate them, must get rid of fleas from your home and from the bed immediately.
Have you tried many ways to kill fleas, but they did not succeed.
You can not afford to pay large sums to rent specialists from companies to exterminate the insects.
Did you try home remedies, but they did not come to fruition?
I invite you to read this topic you might find the right way to get rid of fleas in your home permanently.
Please be Patient, the magic recipe is coming after...

Some Facts you must know about flea’s life and treatment:
Things that we use to treat flea infestation naturally or chemically have many health consequences; and although it may cover up the problem, they begin a downward cycle toward reducing the natural resistance of ِAnimals and a number of other health issues. It's difficult to achieve a good balance between effective treatment, safety, and public health and welfare. It is best to use the least toxic solution that effectively eliminates or prevents the flea's problem.

It is easy to kill fleas simply by giving your pet the weekly water bath even without flea shampoo , but it is difficult to bring them under control for a long time, because the period of the flea's life short.

Effective flea control programs must employ:

  1. A multifaceted approach of first and second line protection to provide longer term protection for months at least
  2. Non-toxic and easy to placed and removed
  3. Insect growth regulators must have the lower toxicity with higher killing rate.
Effective Strategy takes a bit of work but it does work to get you rid of all fleas around.
First line of treatment:Kill all existing Flea adult.
It will not control re-infestation, thus is not effective killer alone.
Not effective to remove layed eggs in your carpeting and Cocoon protected larvae.
Such as: topical ointments, flea powders, flea bombs and aerosol flea killers for carpets.
All Home remedies and chemicals are first line medications, so that, all methods must not used alone and should be mixed together to maximize their effect.

Second line of defense:The eggs will have been hatched, but have not layed more, because we use those methods to kill hatched fleas, remove larvae pupae to get exposed to be killed, and dehydrate eggs so as to not hatch.
To guarantee that fleas will not come back soon to your home, at least for several months.
Get the pet under control in the pet's environment.
Protect your companion animal for longer period after using the first methods.
We can use some remedies as a second line treatment such as:
Everyday work: Bathing pets, Cleaning boards and floors, washing cloths and coverings, or vacuuming the rooms.
Home remedies: Salt, Borax, baking Soda, Peppermint, and Natural flea repellents added to the animal’s food such as Garlic or supplement black walnut capsules to repel fleas as well.
Chemical pills: “Capstar, Selvin”, and IGR Chemicals such as “Precor”
Pets food: add flaxseed oil and buffered vitamin C powder, and B-complex vitamins to the animal’s food. Such multi-vitamins are extremely helpful to produce a flea-resistant coat in your dog or cat. Make the pet more tolerant to itching and flaking, and fleas bites. . Additionally, a diet rich in fresh, whole foods and low in processed foods and additives will also contribute to the health of your animal’s coat.

We finally got rid of the fleas when we did some mixed techniques all at once. Now we haven’t had fleas in months. creepy crawlers live ended.

The best way to get rid of fleas is by vacuuming your house to collect some of the fleas. Then spread salt all over your vacuumed carpets and area that fleas had invaded. Then vacuum again. Remove fleas on your pet using a toothed pet comb made for flea removal. Drop the fleas that you remove into soapy water to drown them. Avoid chemical powders, sprays, or flea collars. These toxic products can be very dangerous and lead to sudden death to your pet.

The Detailed Step by Step Guide to get rid of fleas by the best method to kill them all.

1- Get your house ready to start comprehensive fleas control mission
  1. First, entrances and exits to your home must be secured: Use salt or borax in the courtyard of the house and at the entrance of the house and hallways between rooms, so as not to let fleas for a way to evade to.
  2. Sprinkle salt, baking soda, vinegar, borax, or a product called Selvin 5 dust all around your house, Selvin 5 is a flea powder that you can use on dogs and cats too.
  3. Furniture such as mattress, sofas, chairs, desks, and bed must distance it from the wall and make it in the middle of the room.
If you are living with pets such as cats and dogs:
  1. If your dog or cat sleeps with you always in your bed or in the room next to you: you should bath it using good anti-flea shampoo or even the normal shampoo. 
  2. If your dog sleeps in the house dedicated to him outside or in the yard of the house: 
  3. You must clean the territory of dog or cat well with salt and borax, or any natural way is similar. 
  4. You must clean the dog and give him a bath with shampoo.
  5. While bathe the pet, use a hair comb or brush to remove fleas from the dog's hair or cat fur
  6. Any fleas that were trapped in the teeth will die in the soapy water.
  7. Repeat for as long as your pet will tolerate you dragging a wet comb through his or her fur.
  8. Another method: give your dog a flea-bath at a groomer, and must blown-dry by a blow-drier, If you cover their eyes at first, they soon learn to enjoy it because if it's warmth.
  9. Another tested remedy to be best remedy is to put the drops behind your pets neck and that works very well to repel fleas away.
  10. Clean the floor of the bathroom carefully to not move any fallen fleas.
  11. Do not let your pet move around or leave the house any more until you finish the mission.
3- Start using the Vacuum Cleaner to get rid of fleas larvae and eggs:
  1. Demilitarize larvae and dehydrating eggs will make it easy for flea’s extermination process.
  2. Use new bag or offload the vacuum cleaner bag well before you start out.
  3. New bag must me clean.
  4. Put a suffocating substance to fleas in the vacuum bag: such as salt, borax, or baking soda. 
  5. Start vacuum process.
  6. By sweeping the adult fleas, larvae with cocoon in addition to eggs continue to enter the sac of broom. 
  7. Salt and borax kill adult fleas, demilitarize cocoon of larvae and work on drying and termination of eggs.
  8. Tie the bag well before removing it from the vacuum cleaner, so you do not get some jumping fleas.
  9. Threw the bag in the trash basket
4- Fumigate/smoke every single inch to suffocate fleas beneath

  1. Use the flea bomb for complete elimination of fleas from home:
  2. Smoking or fumigation kills every household insect.
  3. Flea bomb filled with a chemical substance which is a suffocating and lethal to fleas.
  4. Smoke, vapor, or mist fills each smallest inch of crack and cervices in a place, and therefore is better than most liquid chemicals or powdery.
  5. Turn off any open flame or heat source like a heater.
  6. Turn the cushions from couches up so the bomb will get underneath the cushion area
  7. All air conditioning systems must be turned off.
  8. Closet doors, cupboards, and drawers must be opened before fumigation.
  9. Open closets except for dishes and any closet that doesn’t have carpeting
  10. Cabinets, lockers, vaults and safes should be unlocked and remain open.
  11. Make sure there is no food out, dishes, nor exposed drugs.
  12. Fish tanks, birds will have to be taken out
  13. Put smoke bomb at a rate of one or two in each room according to the intensity of infection with fleas.
  14. Seal the windows and doors behind you each time, so as not to move the fleas from one place to another.
  15. Should leave the house a day or two at least before you back again
  16. Can leave one room in the house where the smoke is not used, but you can not say that the fleas will not be there.
  17. Let the house smoked or fumigated for 15 – 30 hours.
  18. Come back again.
  19. Open all windows and doors, you may let them pruned to sunlight for several hours more.
  20. Vacuum, clean, and wash again to get rid of chemicals.
5- Continuous Caring of fleas:
Use natural flea Repellent or any second line treatment as mentioned above.

Finally, all above is widely experimented and tested by hundreds of people, I have tested this method myself and in my relatives house, it always comes with successful results and for long. It is Simple but it does work, it is the best way to get rid of fleas yet.

Generally, you have to test it yourself and share it with relatives and friends to gain experience over the time, then you do not need to hire exterminator next time.

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