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How do you combat fleas using household supplies?
There are a lot of ways to do this. Household supplies aren't going to be the most strong or effective method of preventing fleas however one way that is kind of interesting and it you almost kind of need to try is if you have a flea infestation at home, 
take a small pan, cat litter pan, a cooking pan works if you have to,
just have to have enough water to basically float like a tea tree, tea light in. if you can't light any candles or anything in the building do to a fire alarms and things like that but, imagine this is a little candle ok. 
And we are going to take that candle and you are going to float it in the water ok and light it

and then you are going to take some hand soap or dish soap whatever.
And you are going to put that in the water as well. Shouldn't need a lot and just mix it up a little bit. We are not looking for a lot of soapy suds or anything but, what that water, what that soap does is it does
something to the surface tension and it helps capture the fleas.

So what happens is you put this out in your living room at night and the fleas see the light from the tea light
and they leap into the pan to get to the light. Into the warmth of the light assuming that
it's a animal that they can prey on. And it's not, they lay in the water and the soap helps
hold them in the water and they drown. So it's kind of, and in the morning you take
that and you dump it out and you do it again the next night.

Not really the best way to help fight fleas but it is kind of a neat little thing to do and it can help in it's
own way.

Again also the other thing that can be done is doing our little spritz with the basically lemon tea.
We are going to take some lemons,
six or eight lemons cut them up,
you are going to boil them in hot water
and then you are going to let them sit overnight.
The lemons in the water over night and let it cool down and then you'll take that water,
you'll pour it out, steeping the lemons out,
basically you have lemon tea after it, practically.
Put it into a little spritzer and you can spritz areas with this lemon mixture to help
repel and combat fleas as they do not like the taste of lemon or the smell of lemon scent either.
More Simple Home remedies for fleas
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