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Let's talk about how to get rid of fleas, organically, in the house and in your pet's bedding. 
The first order of business, when you're dealing with fleas, is going to be to vacuum. 
Vacuuming is number one to help get rid of the flea infestation, and by doing that, you can help to break the cycle of some of these fleas and get rid of a large population.
Eggs and pupa are going to be in the carpeting. 
Pupa, basically, break open into larvae, and then those fleas, adult fleas grow from there. 
The first thing to do is vacuum and quite often if you have an infestation. 

And bedding, the best thing to do, honestly, organically or not is to wash the bedding and wash the bedding often if you have an infestation.
You want to make sure that pet's bedding is not crumpled up; that you don't have layers
and layers of towels or bed sheets. 
let's say, as your pets bedding because that's where fleas are going to love to get into and love to set up. 
Another thing, organically, as far as the pets are concerned is Brewers Yeast has been used for a number of years to fight out flea infestations. 

It's controversial how well it works. It may not work in all situations. Brewers Yeast is used in food and, and supposedly helps to prevent fleas from, from biting. Talk to your veterinarian, at first, about any of those types of things before you place that in your pet's food. 

There are lots of products or items that are listed on the Internet and various other places that are organically used to treat fleas.
The fact is garlic has been one of those as been implemented for a number of years to
treat for fleas, but garlic can actually be toxic to your pets, and so, please check with
your veterinarian first before using any type of product for fleas in that some of these
things are not proven a, and b, could be toxic to your pets. So, vacuuming, washing the bedding
is the most important thing that you can do to, to rid fleas in the house.

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