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Fast, effective, Summarized guide
All natural flea killers are familiar and repeated, here is the list of all killer out there, later; other posts explain how to use each flea killer effectively and safely.
Some of them are of everyday kitchen remedies such as salt and vinegar, some are used to get rid of fleas in outdoor cats such as DE, some remedies are natural repellents but that is another topic soon.
Don’t miss the complete successful strategy: Kill the adults, get rid of the eggs, and prevent the larva and pupa from ever existing.
Your cat can continue doing what cats do, but they will be protected from the annoying pests, 
More topics about natural remedies for dogs, please stay connected.

You are searching for natural killers of the flea colony infested cat of such types:
American Bobtail
American Curl
American Shorthair
American Wirehair
Bengal Cats
British Shorthair
Chinese Li Hua
Colorpoint Shorthair
Cornish Rex
Egyptian Mau
European Burmese
Havana Brown
Maine Coon
Scottish Fold
Selkirk Rex
Siamese Cat
Ragdoll Cats
Russian Blue
Turkish Angora
Turkish Van

Why natural killer is the best for fleas on cats?
Many natural methods deal with prevention (Vacuum Diligently, regularly washing bedding, and so on) but there are a few that you can take immediate action with.

  1. Misting boiled lemon juice and go through cat’s fur with super fine toothed comb: kills fleas, deter them, leave lingering smell.Spray the cat coat with apple cider vinegar
  2. Bathe the kitten with apple cider vinegar (ACV) for 5 minutes then with shampoo and flea comb.
  3. Use half and half shampoo to vinegar ratio to bath your kitten.
  4. Diluted shampoo vinegar bath with water for sensitive kitten.
  5. DE for fleas outdoor: Dusting your cats once a day and their bedding once a week with “food grade Diatomaceous Earth”, use gloves and mask and don’t inhale.
  6. Beneficial nematodes help in reducing flea populations by killing flea larvae.
  7. Trap fleas in a shallow dish filled with warm water in a night light, attracted to shining splendor of light and heat of water, then down.
  8. 20 mule team borax in the laundry detergent isle sprinkle it around and behind stove furniture its CHEEPER than any other remedy
  9. Buy a Hartz flea collar or any other Flea Collar
  10. Buy a zapper flea comb
  11. Dunking your flea comb fleas in soapy water works well.
  12. Use the vacuum hose to vacuum the flea eggs off the cats.
  13. Spray with peppermint regularly or lightly with a mix of calendula and peppermint hydrosol.
  14. Cloves will kill the eggs.
  15. Bombing the house.
  16. Limit outdoor exposure, if you can stop the problem on the outside, you should be able to stop the problem on the inside. 
  17. Following the water bath, using a cedar, eucalyptus, lavender, or citrus-infused shampoo
  18. Adding extra omega-3 fatty acid supplements to your cat’s diet 
  19. Sprinkle salt on the cat’s fur and home.
  20. Electric flea traps.
  21. Vinegar Salt and Vinegar Baking Soda Recipes
  22. Yeast lemon spray.
  23. Spray garlic and yeast with vinegar.
  24. Stash Earl Grey Tea.
  25. d-Limonene, is a by-product of the citrus industry and carries a mild, grape-fruit-like odor.
  26. natural lemongrass and cinnamon oil spray to kill fleas instantly
  27. Hydrogen peroxide on cat’s fur not face or their gut.
  28. Do not give your cat garlic, garlic harms your cat.
  29. Essential oils, some oils are poisonous to cats.

And the list can extend for more and more, follow my topics to be the first to know new natural home remedies.

A cat without fleas will be a healthier, happier cat and that means you will be happier too. It may feel like it’s impossible to get rid of them, but if you stick with it and treat both the cat and the home, you will notice fewer and fewer fleas until you don’t see any around or on your pet.

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