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Because your lovely dog can’t tolerate harsh chemicals, I prepared All Natural Flea Killers in one place
If a Dog is allergic to fleas, this would cause anemia and bleeding to you dog, you must start seriously find the best natural remedy to get those nasty creatures away.

If you using homemade natural killers for fleas please take care of:
narrow the opening to ensure there is no excess drops get on the dog's eyes.
spray carefully the beds and carpets too as well as the surrounding pathways to the dog's home.
Combing, Vacuum and cleaning after spraying are highly recommended in order to get the techniques work.
All recipes made up of oils and herbs are mainly used for repelling fleas by odor and not a long-term solution for killing and deterring them.
Essential oils must not exceeds 1% of your entire mixture.
Continuous treatment of fleas infestations on dogs is the best strategy have ever advised.

What's the best natural flea killer outside?
Best outdoor flea natural killer is Nematodes and Watering, tested to have high effective rate on tracking and eliminating fleas and their families.
Use 20 mule team Borax reported as effective in killing flea's larvae and eggs as well. vacuum after.
Diatomaceous Earth followed by Vacuum works well to deter fleas from the dog fur.
Herbal flea dip for dogs  approved to kill and repel fleas as well. ( fresh rosemary leaves boiled with lemon slices.)
Your yard is the first entry of fleas to your home and pets, use flea traps to keep them away forever.

Kitchen Home Remedies used for Trapping Fleas.
Sprinkling table salt indoor and possible outdoor paths and gangways which your dog used to walk on through.
Spray "vinegar soda oil" on the areas with severe flea infestation in carpet and on dog.
Combing your puppy with diluted soapy vinegar, combine with some natural scents.
More cupboard remedies for fleas

Effective Repellents but Not Killers
Clean your dog by bathing him/her with shampoo and lavender. give your pets a bath really does work.
Flea collar for dog with essential oils works on dogs better than on cats. (put on neckerchief some drops of Eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, citronella, lavender, or geranium. done weekly. )
Mint family: Pennyroyal Herb had been traditionally used for Repelling Fleas and not killing them forever.
Citronella Essential Oil is used to be a Flea Control in Home
mulberry family: traditional flea repellents for all insects, e.g. Osage orange or horse apple.

Don'ts you should be aware of:
Don't  sprinkle any remedy on food.
Don't use garlic for dogs to kill fleas, garlic is not suitable for dog's stomach.
No essential oils more than 1% of the total mix.
Don'y spray on eyes.

Natural killers are effective for most popular dog breeds.
Have a cat, then don't miss All Natural flea killer for kitten
Just lemme know about your pets, how you have been dealing with fleas problem?

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