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Convey to you my experience in getting rid of fleas in carpet and bed:
First of all, we did not discover this until after the spread and as have told you I thought it cockroaches bites, but Stings and insomnia throughout the night was on the rise, and began to show the impact of stinging widely and on whole family's skin, until we found one of them walked over the bed, it was a thunderbolt, and from here we started to search for the rest of the flea army, the resistance and the weapons collection began to prepare for fleas war.

The first thing we have done is to change the external bed sheets for mattresses and leaving it soaked with water for a day or two.

We started to expose all "mattresses of the house" to the sun at peak time, since the time of nine o'clock, to the even time of 2:00 p.m..

The best place is the roof of the house or enclosures for balconies, because the sunlight spreads better there.

After exposing them to the sun for several days, washed all the linens and bedspreads with detergents well and exposed them in the sun to dry.

At the time, vacuum all carpets, mattresses, linens, and even the tablecloths, use Portable Electronic Vacuum Cleaner to draw all dropped fleas and eggs on the mattresses

vacuum is the best way to get rid of fleas in carpet, as the machine get the fleas out of the carpet with their eggs and larvae.

We bring furniture, because the fleas were hiding there also, even if were not in large infestations, but to ensure that the fleas be eliminated permanently everywhere, we exposed them to the sun first then painting them with wood painting, and as the the painting material has a strong smell it may make all the insects run away.

We painted the doors, too, and so was the renewal of full house, no need to buy a new house for now, :)
Cleaning is the best way to get rid of bed fleas, after cleaning and vacuuming, we had did smoking in the room and the apartment using a smoke bomb (flea bomb) from any store or using some incense sticks, such as that used in yoga and meditation, lock the room so well to let the incense smoke heavily deployed in the room.

Every night we are keen to physical hygiene and the use of perfume or scented creams largely, because fleas and bed bugs all troubled by the strong odor and sliding on the body which moisturized with cream.

Fight against fleas in carpet and bed lasted several weeks and ended with a fantastic victory on fleas.

Believe me, we didn't used any special detergents or cleaning companies, all we need is to arming the house against house fleas, natural methods still work.

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