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Probably you're searching for a method to get rid of fleas without bombing by a flea bomb, using harsh chemicals, and to be a cheap method, I can suggest you those three strategies:
1- Using Smoking source other than bombs like incense sticks ( like ones used by Yoga man)
2- using non-smoking method to get rid of fleas in your house: I mean kitchen remedies.
3- using non-chemical methods for fleas: as shocking fleas with electric flea traps, or sticky traps with light source at night.

Remember that: No humidity No Fleas
No bombing and No chemicals in getting rid of fleas is like Pouring water into the air.
Please just accept these facts for now and continue reading>
Please read carefully, I have used this 1 dollar recipe to get rid of fleas without bombing which costs me one third the fleas bombing method.

Why flea bombs does not favored by many people?Flea bombs have toxic chemicals which released in their home and affect kids and pets breathing.
Flea fogger are a bit costy for one single use in spite of the fact that flea bomb is most extensive flea control method yet.

Is it possible to get rid of them without exterminator or bombing?You have to save a lot of lives who live with you in your house, I mean your spouse, children, dogs, cats, chicken, etc.
I understand that, the smoking used to kill the fleas in all their life stages as not any other method can do, fumigation does used for mass killing all house insects, although, we can use a integrated recipe to get rid of fleas and save you from chemicals too.

A Golden method to get rid of fleas without bombing:

1 cup of salt
1/2 cup of 20-Mule-Team Borax/baking soda
A clove of fresh garlic
4 spoons of a cheap insecticide (like one called TAT, PT Alpine, or even Frontline/Advantage, insecticide with a growth inhibitor is more effective)
Mix them in a container for patch application.

Salt works well to get rid of fleas in your house, read more about How does salt work to kill fleas?
Borax i a very strong natural chemical to dehydrate fleas and kill most stages but we use with a minimal amount to minimize health effect, Read more about How does borax kill fleas?
Baking soda is suitable and effective substitute to the borax.
Garlic is a natural killer poison to fleas but don't add it to the cats food.
Using an insecticide and IGR Insect Growth Regulator is to maximize the lethal effect of home remedies with a minimum healthy effect, remember that salt work as a natural IGR.

Sprinkle a handful of salt-borax-insecticide recipe along the passages between the rooms and along the bottom side of walls, as fleas can be dehydrated by salty mixture sprinkled everywhere, larva and pupae are most effective than adults, as washing bed mattress can remove most adults (adult fleas are 5% of fleas population).

Wash hardwood floors with spraying a watery solution of insecticide-borax-salt mixture, as sprinkling salt crystals may not be suitable, add a one third cup of oily scent to maximize repelling effectiveness.

Fill in every corner of the carpets in the house with this deadly mixture, you can spray the liquid version on carpets instead of sprinkling.

Extract most larvae in carpets by starting to vacuum your carpets and furniture 2 to 3 times each week for a few weeks, a golden tips to get vacuuming works to kill most fleas:
Corners and thick Carpeting will need to be heavily dusted.
Leave the sprinkled mixture and sprayed solution for 48 hour on floors, carpets, and mattresses to maximize repelling and killing effectiveness.

Vacuum thoroughly with a disposable bag.
Fill the disposable bag with a handful of the killing insecticide-salt mix, once a flea drawn into the bag, will get poisoned and died forever, unless this step, the fleas in the bag still alive for a longer period and could go and run away, also eggs still able to start hatching, they will not be able to re-infest your home in the future.
Take the bag outside to a dumpster or trash can away from your house.
Make vacuuming as a habit, as vacuum process can exterminate fleas population regularly and used to eliminate chemicals that we have sprinkled.
You should see a difference in 2, 3 weeks at most.

Wash all bedding with hot soapy water is a first line remedy to force fleas to their deadly trap, fleas will be trapped into soapy pool.
Use chlorine with white cloths could increase the killing rate to 50% with minimum bad effect on cloths.
Also wash pet beds, toys and washable pet items at the same time.
Additional tips:
Fleas are attracted to the light with acceptable rate: Place a light bulb or lamp over a shallow dish of soapy water at night, add scents to maximize the effect on fleas and get a nice smell while fleas being trapped, more about flea traps.

DE and Vinegar are effective to get rid of fleas but can be used a second line defense after this recipe, as DE and vinegar has more harsh effect on both fleas and human as well, DE is preferred in yards than inside house.

Use liquid Soda instead of water as a natural spray for fleas for carpets and mattresses.

Treat your cat with a flea bath with any flea shampoo made for cats only.
Keep your cats on the Advantage for a couple of months post the infestation.

I can't get rid of fleas in my house even after applying salt borax insecticide mix?
re-infestation by fleas can occur after successful removal due to many reasons including:
  • brought in to a new house
  • buying a new furniture piece, 
  • dirty cloths,
  • closed living rooms
  • bring new kitten or puppy to the flea-free one you have
  • a new pet or human visiting your house
Read more about: where fleas come from in house?

I hope these tactics work on fleas in your house without having to fumigate your entire house, If you have suggestion or comments on this method, please don't be selfish. 

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