5-sent-solution all-natural-flea-killer baking soda baking-soda-for-fleas best way to get rid of fleas in carpet best way to get rid of fleas in house best way to get rid of fleas in yard best way to get rid of fleas on cats best way to get rid of fleas on dogs best-flea-trap biting insects Borax Borax For Fleas Borax Uses Borax-Fleas Boric-Acid Brewers Yeast cheap-fleas-method conspecific-eggs customer-reviews DE deter-fleas Diatomaceous-Earth dish soap DIY dogs-infestation electric-flea-traps Fast Flea Control flea dirt Flea infestation at home flea-bite flea-bomb Flea-Control flea-feces flea-fogger flea-spray flea-trap Fleas fleas hide fleas inside fleas life cycle fleas live fleas outside fleas-basin fleas-eat fleas-food fleas-garage fleas-garden fleas-in-bed fleas-in-car fleas-in-carpet fleas-in-house fleas-in-mattress fleas-larvae fleas-lawns fleas-on-carpet fleas-on-pets fleas-patio fleas-worm-blood fleas-yard flood-water getting-flea-out Home remedies to get rid of fleas Home-Remedies homemade-trap Household insects Household-Supplies how to kill fleas in carpet how to kill fleas in house hydrogen peroxide identify insects indoor-flea-traps indoor-fleas infestation Kill fleas naturally kill-fleas-at-home kitchen-remedies larval-flea Lemon-Scent Lice Living-Room long low-infestation Mites natural ways to get rid of fleas Natural-Products natural-ways non-chemical-remedies non-smoking-remedies Organicall Ortho-Bug-B-Gon outdoor-fleas pet's bedding remove-pets-flea rid-of-fleas safe-IGR salt salt-fleas soda springler-trap sticky-paper-to-trap-fleas table-salt Ticks time trapping-fleas using salt to kill fleas vacuum-for-fleas vets-best victor-trap vinegar vinegar-fleas vinegar-home-remedy vinegar-on-cats vinegar-on-dogs vinegar-on-humans vinegar-trap winegar-spray without-bombing

Standard time taken to get rid of fleas with common methods is 1 – 2 weeks with follow up to ensure fleas didn’t come back.
For methods rely on using home remedies at all, the time extended after application, because the home remedies job is to repel fleas 65% and kill them 35% with multiple simultaneous treatments.
For chemical based flea killers may take few hours to few days to get rid of fleas perfectly.
When using vacuum, washing, and cleaning it takes 1 day to get rid of fleas in mattresses and around walls.
When using baking soda on carpets, the time needed to kill fleas is up to 3 days for medium infestations and the heavy.
When using exterminator to help you remove fleas from the house, chemicals used can kill the adult flea at once and diminish eggs in about 10 minutes.
Vinegar, peroxide, pepper spray, and DE can kill fleas on contact in zero time.
It takes 1 – 2 days to get rid of fleas with borax
See the complete guide to kill fleas with borax

On dogs it takes weeks to months with shampoo and flea combs.
On home baseboards and yards, it takes 3 days to 1 week with table salt to see satisfying results.
It takes a month after treatment of cats to kill all fleas on their fur and skin, due to high sensitivity of cats against many fleas killers.
Flea electric traps take up to 3 weeks for heavy flea infestation and 1 night for light infestation.
It takes few hours to get rid of fleas with flea bombs and flea fumigation methods, fumigation is a wide spectrum killer for fleas and many insects at home.

A lot of people dealing with fleas problems and use different ways to kill them, but how long fleas killing method going to take to get fleas out, is all depends on many factors:
Heavy invasion or just a light infestation
You’re live in environment full of humidity?
What method have been used to get rid of fleas bugs

But why people ask for the period of fleas solution? 
Having an estimated time frame might help you gain more patience when removing fleas.
The most effective common flea killer is salt, see how and how long salt take to remove fleas?
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